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Zaarour Club

Nestled in the heart of the eastern side of Mount Sannine in Metn, Zaarour Club is only 35km away from Beirut. This gated community is easily accessible from several regions like Broumana, Bikfaya, Baskinta, Zahleh, and Aintoura. It is also near El Metn fast highway. Zaarour Club is the perfect holiday destination for all seasons, summer and winter, offering an array of outdoor activities for snow and sun lovers alike. This secure and friendly environment offers complete amenities including a hotel, restaurants, pools suitable for children and adults, sports courts, a playground, retail spaces and much more. This idyllic setting with its relaxing mountainous scenery and wide choice of activities is an ideal getaway for a day, a weekend or even longer stays. A flawless retreat that embodies a true ideal of comfort and style.

The ski station, with its reconstructed north-facing slopes enhances your sports experience. Here exceptional snow quality combines thrills and convenience. The lake, encircled by a stunning multi-purposed deck, is the ideal setting for a wealth of recreational activities as exhibitions and weddings. Dive into winter and summer leisure with dining, biking and much more.